Nurse Refresher Course Assignments

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  1. 0
    Session 1
    Class orientation Overview of the Nurse Practice Act and scope of nursing for a RN Current trends in nursing
  2. 2
    Session 2
    Legal and Ethical Issues Review of Policies and Procedures Confidentiality /HIPPA / Release of Information / Ethics
  3. 3
    Session 3
    Grievances / Emergency Evacuations
  4. 4
    Session 4
    Caring for patients with Endocrine disorders/Diabetes Mellitus/ Infectious diseases/ cardiovascular disorders/Respiratory disorders/ GI/GU and Renal disorders/ Neurological disorders/Musculoskeletal /Orthopedic disorders/
  5. 5
    Session 5
    End of Life Issues Medication Administration Review
  6. 6
    Session 6
    Universal precautions, HIV/AIDS and other communible disease update Documentation
  7. 7
    Session 7
    Evidenced Based Practice and Critical thinking Client Teaching and Client Advocacy
  8. 8
    Session 8
    Leadership Management and Teamwork Review Administrative Functions and Support
  9. 9
    Session 9
    Essay on Nurse Refresher Course curriculum and field retry
  10. 10
    Session 10
    Program Completion
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*Skills and Practicum may be under the supervision of a registered nurse preceptor at HSWS and other sites. If at another site the hours and RN license number must be documented.