Live Right Now 

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Live Right Now  is a holistic approach to personal well-being that integrates for the mind, body and spirit. The program  can benefit all ages and can be used in group settings and by individuals. It is more than a way of eating, it is a way to live. A guide that outlines the principles of how to change from the inside-out by integrating mind, body and spirit.

The goals is to provide individuals with a sense of direction, improve self-esteem, decrease stress, and improve finances while promoting and encouraging individuals to “Live Life to the Fullest."  

LIVE - Longevity-Improvement-Vitality-Enjoyment
RIGHT - Responsible-Informed-Grateful -Honest-Trust
NOW - New attitude-Open mind and Willing spirit

The Live Right Now program is a guide that provides a means for participants to monitor their health, relationships, finances and other aspects of their lives. They will gain information on eating healthy, managing their stress and finances, getting involved in physical activity, disease prevention and more.
The program can be modified to fit all age groups and can be presented in a variety of setting (businesses, churches, community centers, day care centers etc.).  The 10-week support group to encourage individuals to achieve an optimum level of health and productivity.