​RN Refresher Course for License Re-instatement

The RN refresher course is designed to update the educational and basic skills of nurses who have been out of the nursing setting and desire to re-enter the workplace and want to have their license reactivated. This course will update the nurse on current nursing theory and practice in order to prepare them to re enter the work place.  The clinical practice will be conducted in hospice, homecare, occupational and/or community health settings over the two week (80 hours).

 The course content includes but is not limited to the following:
  • Today’s trends in nursing practice
  • Communication
  • The nursing process and legal/professional aspects
  • Policies and procedures
  • History and physical assessment reviews
  • Nursing diagnosis and intervention
  • Body systems, related pathologies and therapies
  • Overview of leading health diseases and illness
  • Medication administration

Skills practiced and/or demonstrated:

In addition to theory and the student will proceed to a supervised clinical practicum.
The clinical practicum is a minimum of (16) hours under the supervision of a registered nurse preceptor at HSWS and various sites within the community.

Specifically, the student will be able to:
  • Identify policies and procedures of the Nurse Practice Act and various work settings
  • Identify regulations, standards and laws that guide nursing practice
  • Utilize the nursing process to include: Assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation to consult and advise clients
  • Identify signs and symptoms of different diseases and illnesses and the preventive treatments
  • Critically evaluate, manage and use evidenced based information to provide nursing care for individuals, families and groups in a manner which reflects an awareness of cultural competency.
  • Understand legal and ethical issues related to the nurse and clients.
  • State principles of pharmacology to include: medication procedures, dosage calculations and compatibility and incompatibility of drugs.
  • Understand the importance of communication, documentation and working as a team.
  • State principles of blood borne pathogens and hazard communication
  • Apply organizational and interpersonal communication strategies in managing clients  
  1. Managing Director
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